Overseas Ministry Needs

The leaders of the overseas ministries that MPI partners with often express to us their practical, immediate needs. Beyond ongoing financial support, these ministries often need various supplies and other items to facilitate their work. Often, many of the items that they need are either not available, or are prohibitively expensive.

For those Canadians who are able, and want to help in another way, MPI is happy to now publish a list of the needs items.

Food Bank

Due to the spike in food price inflation in Ukraine, many seniors and families are struggling to pay for their groceries. A special gift to this ministry will greatly help to alleviate this need.

Children’s Ministry

Christina Omelchenko’s Children’s Art Centre

  1. Art & Craft Supplies
    • Water based Paint
    • Paint Brushes
    • Cross-Stitch
    • Beads
  2. English Books
  3. Xylophone (musical instrument)

If you have any items that match the criteria listed above and would like to donate them to help ministries in Ukraine, please use our Contact Form, e-mail us at mpiinfo@missionpartners.org, or call 1-877-551-5525.