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One of the most exciting initiatives of Mission Partners International is our ‘Sponsor-A-Pastor’ program.

Currently, there are over 70 pastors sponsored monthly (2012) through MPI, but many more need your support. Right now we know of at least a dozen dedicated Ukrainian pastors who are struggling financially and need your help. Sponsorship works by putting a small but steady income supplement into the hands of a needy leader in the former Soviet Union.

What You’ll Receive

Sponsor-a-Pastor Card

When you sign-up to sponsor-a-pastor in the Ukraine or Belarus, we’ll send you the photo and testimony of the pastor you’re helping. You’ll also receive regular updates keeping you informed about your pastor. Most of all, you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that you’re helping these pastors and their churches to reach out and serve their communities. Just a small amount will mean a lot to a pastor, his family, and his community!

The Need for Pastor Sponsorship

sponsor-pastor-2MPI has always been committed to working with local pastors and churches (which includes their outreaches to Children, Seniors, and Families). Our goal is to strengthen them to pursue their vision of reaching their communities for Jesus. Part of this partnership includes helping pastors as they lead their churches in reaching out to their communities. Many of these churches are located in small villages whose inhabitants are living in poverty. Though they love and need their pastors, they often have very little money to support a pastor. Many of these pastors have families of their own and some must take on extra jobs just to make ends meet. That’s why these pastors need our help!

How You Can Become a Sponsor

Each pastor is sponsored with a monthly gift of $30. Your partnership will make it possible for him to stay in ministry, preach the Gospel and make true disciples.

To become a sponsor today, or for further insights and information on sponsoring a pastor and his family, just call us at 1-877-551-5525 or fill out the form below. We’ll be in touch soon!


Important Notice:

The purpose of Mission Partners International (MPI) is to facilitate ministry in Ukraine and Belarus. MPI’s focus and ministry activities is limited to this narrow scope. MPI is unable to sponsor individuals or support ministry efforts outside of the former Soviet Union.

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