Mission Partners International, formed in 1991, is a partnership ministry effecting outreach to Children, Seniors, and Pastors (and their Churches) in the former Soviet Union. We serve to partner donors in Canada with dedicated ministry leaders in Ukraine, Belarus, and Russia.

Why does MPI Work in the Former Soviet Union?

One of the tragedies that accompanied the fall of communism in Ukraine, Belarus, and Russia was the poverty and economic confusion that struck after the collapse. After living under a communist/marxist system for over 70 years, governments and people alike were not prepared for the chaos that ensued. The transition into freedom, democracy, and capitalism was acompanied by financial collapse, food and fuel shortages, worsening corruption, and moral degradation. The people were facing the inevitable consequence of the collapse of the communist/socialist system.


Many adults cannot find work. For those that do, wages are a fraction of those common in Canada, even for highly educated professionals such as doctors and lawyers. Those who must survive on government pensions (such as the elderly) receive an amount far below poverty levels.


In these countries, especially in the cities, food can cost as much as it does here in Canada. People have not been able to afford luxuries such as meat, cheese, or prepared foods for many years. There are families who have not eaten meat for as long as they can remember.

Since the financial crisis hit in 2007/2008, food inflation has driven up the cost of even basic food staples to all time highs. The recent economic turmoil in Ukraine and Belarus is making a bad situation even worse.

Medical Care

In this financial climate, although medical care is supposed to be free, the growth of user fees has rising drastically. Hospital patients must now provide their own food and buy all of their necessary medications. Generally, this so called ‘free health care’ is substandard and often life threatening. Therefore, to obtain an adequate level of care, patients must pay extra.

Crime and Addictions

The basic moral and spiritual values that are at the foundation of many western societies was slowly stripped away by 70 years of Soviet enforced atheism. Moral decay and economic hardship has contributed to widespread drug and alcohol addiction, as well as high crime rates. In Russia alone, there is an estimated 6 million men and women using illicit drugs.


Today, MPI is partnering with ministries, churches and pastors in the former Soviet Union in order to minister to needy people. Follow the links provided to learn more about the various ministries the MPI partners with, then get involved by becoming a partner with us to meet these needs.


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