Children’s Ministry

In the Former Soviet Union, the economic, social and moral chaos that followed the breakup of the Soviet regime, has greatly affected the lives of children. Many children grow up, never having experienced the love of a father and mother. These children are often abandoned at a very young age by parents who are either unable or unwilling to care for them. Many of these children end up living in underfunded state orphanages. Others are living on the city streets, surviving by any means possible. Many of the children who do remain living at home with family members suffer the effects of extreme poverty.

Children’s Art Centre - Christina Omelchenko

Christina OmelchenkoVolunteers from Christian Hope Church in Kiev, Ukraine are reaching out to help children in Ukraine’s capitol city of Kiev! Under the new leadership of Christina Omelchenko, a new ministry to children is beginning to make a difference.

In Fall 2011, the workers started a new outreach to children. This ministry provides a safe place for children to come after school. In a fun, loving environment, children benefit from a comprehensive program that includes fun games, tutoring by Christian University students in subjects like math and english, and nutritional snacks. This program has already attracted many diverse groups of children. Please remember to pray for the children. Also, remember the dedicated leaders and volunteers as they seek to make a difference and equip these children for the future.

Please Prayerfully consider becoming a parter with this ministry. Call us at 1-877-551-5525 for more information.

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Orphanage Outreach Ministry – Anya Bronnikova

orphanage-outreach-ministryThere are thousands of children living in state orphanages throughout Ukraine. Typically, these children lack many of the basic neccessities that we take for granted such as warm clothing and good shoes. Shut away in an cold, uncaring institution, these children have few opportunities for loving adult interaction. They have no opportunity to hear the gospel message and have little hope for the future. In the city of Dnepropetrovsk, one women is striving to make a difference to as many of these children as she can. Anya Bronnikova is a ray of sunshine into an otherwise dark place. She visits various orphanges in her city loving the children and teaching them about the God who created them. Daily she brings the gospel message to children who might otherwise never hear that Jesus loves them.

In addition to the orphanage visits, Anya’s home church stands behind her in her efforts to minister to these orphans.  By organizing special children’s outreach events these orphans are treated to movies, skits, games, gifts, food, and fun activities all with a Christian message to demonstrate Bible truths!

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Faith, Hope, and Love Ministry – Alexei and Tanya Tyzenko

faith-hope-love-ministriesFaith, Hope, and Love ministry in Dnepropetrovsk is a network of foster homes designed to give street kids and orphans a stable and loving home in which to grow and be nurtured. Started several years ago by Alexei and Tanya  Tyzenko, this network of homes provides for 70 to 80 children. Through this ministry, the Tyzenkos help each foster family with government paperwork and advice. Each December, MPI’s provides enough basic food supplies, such as rice, flour, pasta, juice, cereal, and sugar for each family to last for the entire winter.

Alexei and Tanya  have been taking abandoned and street children into their own home for many years, starting when Tanya was a single girl many years ago.  When she met and married Alexei, God moved on their heart to expand this ministry together and reach as mnay lost children as possible.    A few years ago they moved their base of operations (and their home) to an outlying village as the municipal government of Dnepropetrovsk would not allow them to teach their foster children anything about Christianity.  Settling into a village atmosphere has been good for all the children and they are very happy in their new home.  As well as all the foster childrenin their care, God has blessed Alexei and Tanya with three lovely children of their own.

Together Camping Ministry – Andrei Shaitar

together-camping-ministry‘Hutorok’, which means together in Russian is a fitting name for a camping ministry operated by a unified group of Christians, representing various churches around Minsk in Belarus. Andrei Shaiter is the director and organizer for this vital ministry. Together, this dedicated team is committed to offering a life changing experience for children and youth at camp! Their goal is reach as many needy children and youth as possible.

together-camping-leadersThese camps provide many fun activities, with lots of good food and fresh air. Most importantly, camp workers present the truth of the gospel in a way that is relevant and meaningful to the children and youth they minister to.  Spiritual awakening remains on of the primary goals of the Together Camping Ministry.

In 2013, this ministry has once again made a difference in the lives of  young people. Going to summer camp is a formative experience that many in western countries like Canada have freely enjoyed in their youth. WIth your help, MPI and Together Camping would like to extend that same opportunity to these under-privilaged young people.

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