Stories from the Children’s Art Centre

Vanya’s Story

Vanya“My name is Vanya. I am 9. I live in with my family of 6 children outside Kiev. This year, my parents took me to the kids Christmas Program in Kiev at CHC. It was not the first time I heard about God. I watched a couple of kids Christian programs on TV and was familiar with characters of the show – the SuperBook club, but to see them for real was quite cool. Being at the program was a gift in itself. I really liked the songs and games they played with us children. After the program I was surprised even more. My parents did not tell me about the candy box I will get at the end of the show. I was so happy – the whole box of candies just for me. I don’t get treats like that often. In our family we share everything among all us kids. This time my parents told me I could have it all. That was great! I am grateful to those people who made it possible for me to have such a wonderful Christmas celebration with a cool gift. Thanks a lot!”

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Boys enjoying candiesChildren holding their candy boxes
Children showing their candy boxesChildren holding their candy boxes