Pastors and Churches

Pastors and the churches have been at the heart of MPI’s ministry from the beginning. It is national pastors who have their ear next to the pulse of their community, who know the heart of the people and see the needs both in the streets and behind closed doors. Opportunities to reach the lost and hurting in the cities, towns, and villages throughout the country are ever present, and it is usually pastors and other ministry leaders within the church that open their hearts, and their pocketbooks, to help the poor and needy, and win the lost to Jesus.


Sponsor-a-PastorOne of MPI’s initiatives that has been the most successful is the Sponsor-a-Pastor program. Begun in 2009, this sponsorship program has grown to include pastors from all over Ukraine, and even a few from Belarus. Many Canadian sponsors have taken up the challenge of helping these men and women of God with a regular financial supplement each month. This extra cash puts better quality food on the table, buys their kids school supplies, or helps with winter coats and boots – things that they could not normally afford. Often it is what can tip the scales for these pastors from being able to devote their full time and energy to their ministry, or having to leave it all in their struggle to feed their families.

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Pastors Leadership Conferences

Pastors Leadership ConferenceAfter over 70 years of communist rule, where all Christian activity was illegal, and Bibles were banned, there was a lack of sound doctrinal teaching in the churches. Because bible schools were non existent, pastors and church leaders never had the opportunity to study the scriptures and learn from Bible scholars. Now there is a thirst for good Bible teaching and those in leadership want to grow in their knowledge. Several years ago, seeing this void, MPI started to hold a yearly Pastors Leadership Conference in Ukraine. This annual event has grown and now hosts over 120 pastors and church leaders each year.

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Christian Literature

Christian LiteratureThe extreme lack of Christian literature during Soviet times has now fundamentally shifted so that there is wide variety of good Christian books, music, videos, CD’s and DVD’s available. Some publications are written by Russian and Ukrainian scholars. Many materials have also been translated from existing English publications. Pastors, directors of church ministries, and others in leadership would like to have a full library of these ministry tools for their own personal study, and as resource books for their ministry. Unfortunately, with the high cost of living, they do not have enough money to purchase them. MPI has made it a priority to put these types of ministry resources into the hands of those in leadership to enhance their ministries. At Christmas time, MPI gives what we call a “Christmas Blessing” to pastors, leaders and directors of ministries. This annual packet provides a day-timer, a pen, and a resource book all packaged in a pastor’s portfolio bag or other case – perfect for those in leadership positions.

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Christian Hope Church

Christian LiteratureChristian Hope Church (CHC) was founded in Kiev, Ukraine by Pastor Valery Reshetinsky in 1991, just as the walls of communism were crumbling. In the late 1990′s MPI first met Pastor Valery. Since then, our partnership with him, his staff, and associates has developed so that they are now our major overseas partner. Pastor Valery’s emphasis is on salvation as the primary focus behind all the ministries that are under the umbrella of Christian Hope Church: Children’s Ministry, Senior’s Ministry, Men’s and Women’s Drug Rehab, Deaf Ministry, a Missionary Training School (bible school), and many others. Several years ago, other churches throughout Ukraine asked to join together with Christian Hope Church, and together they formed a new denomination, growing and spreading throughout the country. Since then they have planted many daughter churches and have grown to over 100 churches. About 10 years ago, CHC was able to purchase a huge building and property in the heart of Kiev to house all their ministries. Although it needed much work, little by little they have restored and renovated the building and grounds, and although they are not finished yet, they are now able to hold their Sunday services there.