Stories from the Seniors Respite Centre

Tamara’s Story

TamaraTamara is 72 years old and lives in Bela Krinitsa, Ukraine, about 80 km from Kiev. She lives alone in her three room house in the village. Thankfully, her daughter comes on weekends to help with cooking and cleaning. She is a faithful member of the local church and has many friends at church who help her in many ways. He home has no running water, just a well and no gas heat, so is heated with wood. All hot water must be heated on the wood stove. Two months ago Tamara accidentally fell into a 2 1/2 meter deep hole in the road. The Lord saved her from any broken bones but she was quite bruised and sore.
Tamara gets out to church on a regular basis and gets to the store for groceries. She has a small garden in the summer which her daughter helps her maintain. After paying $87 a month for her medications her pension of $110 US a month does not allow very much left over for other necessities. When at home, she basically lives on oatmeal, soup and cottage cheese and tea. Meat is not on Tamara’s menu at all as it is just too expensive.
Tamara delights in coming to the Seniors Respite Centre and comes as often as she is allowed. At the centre she enjoys the homey atmosphere with daily hymn sings, Bible studies, and guest preachers. One of the things Tamara likes best are the wonderful meals.
Every guest is served three full meals a day with several tasty snacks in between. Breakfast is a selection of cooked cereal, eggs, sausage or ham, bread and jam, fruit and tea. Each lunch and dinner comes with soup, generous helpings of meat, fresh vegetables, salads and fruit along with luscious desserts. No meal is ever served twice during their stay and anyone can have second or third helpings of anything on the menu. In fact, the most often heard complaint is, “There is just too much food. I cannot eat it all.”