Mission Field

Mission Partners International works in the former Soviet Union. For seventy years, the Soviet Union encompassed a large part of the globe, stretching from Europe to the North Pacific, the Arctic to the Middle East. This totalitarian government controlled an land mass that was within marching distance of western Europe, yet only 64 miles from Alaska across the Bering Strait.

Though once ruled by totalitarian Soviet Russia, each of the 15 countries in the post-Soviet era has a unique culture which has slowly began to re-assert itself after the fall of communism in 1991.

Mission Partners currently works in two of the 15 post-Soviet countries, Ukraine and Belarus. Today, Ukraine and Belarus have a combined population of 54.7 million people. MPI partners with many local Christians and churches in each of these countries in order to help them fulfil their mission to reach out to people in Ukraine and Belarus with the gospel. Just like Jesus demonstrated, our goal is to provide both physical bread and spiritual bread.

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